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Just another test 2
By Alf
Screenshot of Just another test 2

**Thanks to everyone for playing rounds from Myself Mania and Amen Familys. All them rounds were actually from me and names are anagrams of (My name is Alf). I am back to using My usual name. This is a follow up to Just another test but this time without the Bong. The rounds are not too hard but not the easiest however there is plenty of rings and you will end up with plenty of Ions to see you through with ease. Enjoy the rings because I will not be giving more than 5 per level if I decide to create anything more. I personally don't like to make things too easy. I actually think there is some new effects I have made up here so decided to abuse them on a few rounds. Enjoy; it could be the end of an era! Alf.**

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