Upload your levels

New level sets need to be manually added by the site admin for now, self-service uploads are planned in the future.


First, ensure your level set is ready to be shared by opening it on the level editor, then click File → Share LevelSet. The level set’s author and description should be filled in, and all the levels and rings should be tested.

Search for the name of your level set to ensure it isn’t already taken, each level set in the catalog must have a unique name.

Upload your level set to the #ricocheti-upload-channel on the Discord community, the site admin will notice it and download it.

The site admin will do some basic sanity checking such as ensuring the level set will load in the game and there are no errors on the Share LevelSet screen.

Other upload questions

Can I overwrite my uploaded level set with a new version?

Overwriting existing level sets with the exact same name is problematic as anyone who has already downloaded your level set will not be able to see the new version, the game does not have a built-in mechanism to differentiate level set versions. If you still like to overwrite it anyway, contact the site admin.