Explore and play new environments, custom content and modifications for Ricochet Infinity. For even more mods, check out #mod-showcase on Discord.

To use these mods, download and place the .RED file on the same folder with RicochetInfinity.exe

Neon Environment v3.2.0.3 by Moymoy13

A futuristic display of technology with the touch of Xtreme.

Heavy Metal Environment (June 9 2021) by The Real Rico

You've seen environments in Ricochet. But not like this. This environment was intended to be a successor to the original Rock Lava (Tech) environment in Ricochet Xtreme.

HEX (Open Beta 2) by The Real Rico

Enter the world of HEX. HEX is a beautiful and unique environment featuring Hexagonal shaped bricks and heavily inspired by 80's sci-fi art style.