Restore the in-game level catalog

Follow these steps to restore the in-game level catalog so you can browse and download new levels right in the game.

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Update curl

curl is software code used by many applications to perform networking features. You can learn more about curl by reading its Wikipedia article.

The curl version bundled with Ricochet Infinity is outdated and cannot handle modern HTTPS connections, we need to update curl to connect to today’s web.

Download the new version of libcurl.dll (version 7.64.0), then copy and paste it to the Ricochet Infinity program folder.

(The original download link is located at, feel free to use that link and/or send it to VirusTotal)

Edit Data2.dat

Find Data2.dat in the Ricochet Infinity program folder.

Right-click it and click Open with > Notepad.

Find this line at the bottom:

Catalog URL=

Change it to:

Catalog URL=

Save and close Notepad.


That’s all the steps needed to restore the in-game level catalog. Launch the game and enjoy!