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Mamas Gauntlet 2
Screenshot of Mamas Gauntlet 2

This set was one I've been working on for a while - longer than the first gauntlet. I took the reviews from the first gauntlet and did away with self-play levels and a lot of barriers. I think I've done much better with this one and am already beginning on another. THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK!!! There was some help in learning the switches from one of the levels I downloaded; but I have not been able to find the level to thank that person...please excuse this and thanks much. ENJOY!!! and let me know what you think.

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Overall grade
from 952 players
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from 804 players
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from 797 players

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Designed for Ricochet Lost Worlds. This level set can be played in Ricochet Lost Worlds, Ricochet Recharged and Ricochet Infinity.

You can also download and play this level set using the in-game catalog.

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