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ben marathon
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hello!! little 8 year old me again! i call this roundset ben marathon becouse i have been running a marathon trying to figure out the things you will find in this set. 24 levels and 2 bonus levels each with over 120 rings!! how to play the bonus levels:each one has a question you must anwear. look at the clue for each one and also look at the level itself; then hit the correct brick to get the massive amount of rings. the normal levels are extremely good; i am quite proud of level 9; evil castle so i will give you a hint of what it is like. first; destroy the bell made of 3-hits. the ring stops the bongs. then hit the expolive triggering a chain reaction; then explosives will come out from the indestructables; there is also a laser gun which you will get after the *river of explosives* is destroyed. the powerups at the top are bombs so watch out. after all explosives are destroyed 2 more bombs come out from the top and fire at you. once these are destroyed final 2 bricks will be avaidable for you to destroy. that is my hint for evil casle. figure out the rest for yourself!!!!!enjoy!!

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