These level sets include a great variety of levels. Some may have levels that are extremely difficult, some may finish themselves with no user interaction, and some may have dozens of rings on a single level.

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Toktok's 123rd -- Some Dances (10 rounds)

By Toktok, posted on

Screenshot of Toktok's 123rd -- Some Dances

Easy set with some 'Dances' and a 'Maze'. -- Hope you'll have some fun!

10 N/A
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NeonSavageA (10 rounds)

By SplAshs, posted on

Screenshot of NeonSavageA

It has been two years since the latest set, and then I discovered Neon... Just about to plan making roundsets "The Boss Challenge" and "Ricochet SplAshs!". Hope you enjoy your time playing this roundset (this roundset requires Neon Environment v3.2.0.1, and some scriptings may only work good for solo player mode)

10 N/A
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Quick and Easy (10 rounds)

By K and E, posted on

Screenshot of Quick and Easy

A Quick and Easy levelset and a great transition from complex levels, Quick and Easy is a little bit of everything from simple ring puzzles, stratigic gameplay and a little easter eggs here and there.

10 N/A
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New Year Celebrations - 2019 (20 rounds)

By Moymoy13, posted on

Screenshot of New Year Celebrations - 2019

All levels are to be included in New Year's Level Set. Sadly, not a significant amount of people joined to do a collaboration. This is my contribution.

20 N/A
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Letter Hunting (11 rounds)

By Moymoy13, posted on

Screenshot of Letter Hunting

Like building words? This is what this set is all about! With unique challenges and some visuals. Enjoy!

11 N/A
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Infinity 2019 (50 rounds)

By MHI Spider, posted on

Screenshot of Infinity 2019

Hello, it's been a long time since I've released the last set almost 7 years ago. Forget my older identities, they were all just myths. This new one is a reboot of my old Infinity level set series.

50 N/A