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Most downloaded level sets
  • Ricochet Xtreme Homage (211 rounds)
    By Alf and BigMama, posted on
    Screenshot of Ricochet Xtreme Homage

    For all those fans that enjoyed the first Ricochet Xtreme; those levels have now been recreated - BUT WITH A TWIST. You'll recognize each level initially - maybe; but we've taken the new Infinity stuff and mixed it in. We've added rings; switches; starfish homes; movements; and more. Hope you enjoy the ride back through the beginning; with a twist of now.

  • 125 Ways To Bounce (126 rounds)
    By Harry, posted on
    Screenshot of 125 Ways To Bounce

    Here is a set that I compiled over several weeks. Some are very easy while a few can be a challenge. I hope you enjoy these.

  • 50 Slamming Rounds (50 rounds)
    By Harry, posted on
    Screenshot of 50 Slamming Rounds

    Just finished this set and thought I would post it for your enjoyment. I do hope you enjoy them. I am working on another and hope to finish by Christmas. lol

  • By Josef L, posted on
    Screenshot of Rico at the Brick Factory

    Just some relaxing quick levels I hope you find fun .. Some helpful power ups to help you on your way . Enjoy .

  • Jarros Quatro (25 rounds)
    By Jarro, posted on
    Screenshot of Jarros Quatro

    Most of the rounds in this set is in sequence; so please take a little time to watch before you start play. Its only 5 rings in every rounds. Have fun and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Recent level sets
  • By MintLizard89, posted on
    Screenshot of Alien Vista VS. Pod People

    Hello ricocheters great news, today itzos4n89 levels 1st anniversary in 8th January 2022, 2 environments and 20 levels and welcome to avvpp which means alien vista vs pod people, however the new roundsets upcoming os4n's levelsets soon. also AVvPP part 2 soon, well mintlizard89 is kinda busy playing games, watching youtube. so happy 1st annyversary itzos4n89 levels 2021-2022. thanks for ricochets, i hope more community and more mods in discord, enjoy! <3

  • Newest Boss Rush 1 (10 rounds)
    By NewestGamer, posted on
    Screenshot of Newest Boss Rush 1

    The first (and probably) the only installment of this series.

  • Xtreme X Lost Worlds (121 rounds)
    By MintLizard89, posted on
    Screenshot of Xtreme X Lost Worlds

    Ricochet Xtreme And Lost Worlds? Absolutely This levels So Incredible And Amazing, 8 Fiveteen Levels And Unique Environments, It Looks Hilarious

  • Experiments (6 rounds)
    By DaBlueCube, posted on
    Screenshot of Experiments

    Self explanatory

  • Recharged Style (20 rounds)
    By witch!, posted on
    Screenshot of Recharged Style

    Recharged Style