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Most downloaded level sets
  • Ricochet Xtreme Homage (211 rounds)
    By Alf and BigMama, posted on
    Screenshot of Ricochet Xtreme Homage

    For all those fans that enjoyed the first Ricochet Xtreme; those levels have now been recreated - BUT WITH A TWIST. You'll recognize each level initially - maybe; but we've taken the new Infinity stuff and mixed it in. We've added rings; switches; starfish homes; movements; and more. Hope you enjoy the ride back through the beginning; with a twist of now.

  • 125 Ways To Bounce (126 rounds)
    By Harry, posted on
    Screenshot of 125 Ways To Bounce

    Here is a set that I compiled over several weeks. Some are very easy while a few can be a challenge. I hope you enjoy these.

  • 50 Slamming Rounds (50 rounds)
    By Harry, posted on
    Screenshot of 50 Slamming Rounds

    Just finished this set and thought I would post it for your enjoyment. I do hope you enjoy them. I am working on another and hope to finish by Christmas. lol

  • By Josef L, posted on
    Screenshot of Rico at the Brick Factory

    Just some relaxing quick levels I hope you find fun .. Some helpful power ups to help you on your way . Enjoy .

  • Jarros Quatro (25 rounds)
    By Jarro, posted on
    Screenshot of Jarros Quatro

    Most of the rounds in this set is in sequence; so please take a little time to watch before you start play. Its only 5 rings in every rounds. Have fun and I hope you enjoy playing it.

Recent level sets
  • Triple Clashes Reborn! (35 rounds)
    Screenshot of Triple Clashes Reborn!

    After the previous trip with Moymoy13, Arlington, and Wormy. Here, experience more challenges and surprises combined by three absolutely stunning level designers of Ryan, Moymoy13 and SplAshs! Bash your trips along the way to the goal. Please do not forget to read our important notes on Level Set Properties! Enjoy!

  • Cosmo Wanda R (10 rounds)
    By SplAshs!, posted on
    Screenshot of Cosmo Wanda R

    Important note - SplAshs's rounds are not designed for Tail Gunner mode!

  • Cosmo Wanda SS (14 rounds)
    By SplAshs!, posted on
    Screenshot of Cosmo Wanda SS

    The new chapter! Hope you enjoy!

  • Steady State (15 rounds)
    By SplAshs!, posted on
    Screenshot of Steady State

    This is where I challenge myself to not using change bricks, areas and plug-ins. Expect some surprises!

  • Disasterology (5 rounds)
    By Stormy, posted on
    Screenshot of Disasterology

    Can We Create Something Beautiful and DESTROY IT! (This is My First Time Ever making a levelset, So Please don't be so judgy).